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For a limited time, we have added a 5th online option called the CHOICE Package.  Here you pay a reduced hourly rate and only pay additional for the photos you want to keep.  


It is quite unique, so please make sure you know what it is all about.  There are no printed photos involved.  You pay the reduced rate of R1500 / hr (with a min of 4 hrs and a max of 10 hrs).  So let’s assume you do a 4 hr wedding, then it’ll be R1500 x 4 = R6000.  That is payment for my time with you to capture the wedding as normal.  When the editing is finally done, I’ll then send you a private link to where you can view the whole wedding online for a limited time period.  These photos will be numbered and small, but good enough to view and with watermarks.  Please note that you will NOT have all the photos in a Low Resolution to keep of your wedding - it'll only be available online to choose from, in a low resolution and watermarked.  See the example below.  The only photos you will have and be able to keep after the wedding will be the ones you purchase.  


The idea is now to choose the photos you would like to own, keep, and have at a High Resolution so that you will be able to print it yourself.  Each digital file cost R100 each to own in a High Resolution without a watermark.  So let’s assume you decide to have 40 photos of your wedding, it’ll be 40xR100 = R4000 additional cost bringing your total to (R6000 + R4000=) R10,000.  


This option is specifically for people who do not want to have a lot of pictures to keep after their wedding.  The rest of the photos will be permanently deleted 6 months after the wedding date.  


My personal thoughts are that you need to be 100% sure that this is what you are after.  The problem could arise that you like for instance 200 images, then you sit with a much bigger expense than it would have been for instance the PRO Package where you pay R20K and get all the digital images included.  Please remember that you can NOT upgrade to another package after the wedding.


I created this especially for people who really just want to have a few good pics of them together at their wedding.  If this is what you are after, I am sure the Choice Package will be a welcome alternative to the 100s of images.

See the Example of what you can expect below:

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