Buitenverwachting Wedding Cape Town – Gareth & Kritsine

Buitenverwachting Wedding Cape Town

I love their story.  Gareth has been sailing in the Caribbean and got a contract for the 75ft Xenia 74 .  He needed a chef.  After posting an add on Craigslist, he received 45 resumes.  Out of these he chose the only one with sailing experience.  Important to note her resume didn’t have a photo.  After a Skype chat, she had the job.  He picked her up at the airport and they went out for drinks.  They have been in love and together ever since …

Kristine’s family came all the way from the USA to enjoy this memorable occasion at the foot of Table Mountain.  Gareth’s family & friends came from far and wide and could be attended by a few very close and special people.  I love the shots we got of his dad and grandma who attended the ceremony.  See the bottom bit for more on granny.

The photos for me portray the fun character of these two.  They genuinely love each other’s company.  Which is a good thing of course have to spend what they call dog years out at sea together (Gareth explained that they literally spend every moment of every day in an area less than 23 m giving them dog years / 7 years for each year other couples spend time together!).   Well done guys and keep it up.

I present to you the lovely Kristine and her sailor man Gareth.  Enjoy.

PS We so should have done a Titanic scene for fun.  Perhaps I need to pop over to the Caribbean to finish our shoot 🙂  Lemme know!

buitenverwachting wedding cape town

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