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Charles & Edeona

CapeTown Wedding Steenberg

It is beautiful to see dreams come true.  I am so happy for Charles & Edeona.

These guys really seem to deserve one another.  The fullness that their relationship brings to others, just shows what a blessing they are to one another.  This one is straight from heaven!

Thank you that I could witness that memorable ceremony, meet all your closest friends & family and for trusting me with something so dear to you.  May these remind all people viewing it of your most special day for generations to come.  Enjoy!


capetown-wedding-steenberg 3
capetown-wedding-steenberg 4
capetown-wedding-steenberg 5
capetown-wedding-steenberg 6
capetown-wedding-steenberg 7
capetown-wedding-steenberg 8
capetown-wedding-steenberg 11
capetown-wedding-steenberg 12
capetown-wedding-steenberg 13
capetown-wedding-steenberg 14
capetown-wedding-steenberg 15


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