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Hoedspruit Wedding

I keep on falling in love with our country and continent as I get to travel for weddings and other photography assignments. South Africa just has so much to offer! Not just is it heaven for photographers, but the people I have the privilege to meet continue to blow my mind.

Andrew & Lizé decided to have their wedding in the Leadwood Big Game Estate just outside of Hoedspruit. A stunning privately-owned home served as the wedding venue with the ceremony being held in a dry river bed in front of a spectacular wild fig tree forest. It is a wild place where animals, including two packs of lions, roam free. I had to scout carefully and watch my back during the shoot to make sure we all made it home (reminding me of this Botswana wedding a while ago!). How awesome!

Beating the adventure though, were the couple and their families. These people are good, kind, energetic and truly inspirational sout-van-die-aarde mense. I've met Lizé and her family at her sister's wedding where I was the photographer 3 years ago. I remember they chose me based on friends of their's wedding I did in Prince Albert. And there is another family-related Karoo wedding (that I can't wait for) less than 3 months away! I'm getting to know these guys quite well. My hope is that somehow along the way, we'll find out that we are related to one another and can hang out more often. As we continue to talk and get to know one another, we find connections geographically and socially. What a small and beautiful world it is.

Andrew and Lizé are lovely together. We had the ride of our lives on the back of a game vehicle to catch the perfect African sun (thanks Elita!). It all just worked out perfectly. And so did these two after so many years as friends. I am so happy for you guys. Treasure and enjoy these memories till we meet again. More adventure awaits!


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