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Instead of Ashes, the Oil of Gladness | Part 7/7

Peartree Photography

Sometimes it is good to look back, to take stock where you came from and to determine where you are heading to.  The exhibition was 5 years ago.  The first wedding I’ve done was actually a year before all this in Glasgow, Scotland back in 2003.  Since then, Peartree Photography came about and has handled numerous weddings and commercial shoots in a multitude of natural settings.  I got married to Adri in 2006 and Elih was born 5 months ago.  We are still loving Africa and feel close to our continent and people.  I personally feel I have improved a lot, but I’ll let the clients do the judging.  One thing is for sure, I definitely have better gear … and yes of course, it is still Nikon!   We’ve travelled a bit since then as well.  I went  to Swaziland and back to Kenya for work and travelled/ photographed for 3 months last year in Canada, Morocco, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.  It has been a amazing privilege!

Thank you to all the past clients who have made this possible.  Somehow I feel I only get beautiful people to photograph – you guys honestly make me look good!  We are having a great life because of your trust in my ability.  Thank you very much!

Peartree Photography


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