Potgieter Fam #5

Now there’s officially 5 of them (and my 5th time to shoot them – see the other shoots here).  How I love this family.  Welcome Nicolae!

Johan & Janine opted for their own garden again this year.  What a great choice!  It has everything a small boy dreams about.  Grass, bushes, mud, dark corners, a dam, dog, stream, trampoline and a huge swing hanging from a tree.  Of course this swing was a hit for the first photos.   Joel flew as high as never before for me to get a great shot of him.  Next up was Dad and Sean.  I tested the movement and light and followed them through my lens to get the perfect shot.  And then it all turned slow mo as they flew through the air … Geronimo!!

I was ice cold witnessing it from so close by!  The rope broke at the top as they came round for the shot.  Luckily Sean ended up on top of his dad for a softer landing.  Johan was also somehow fine having landed straight on his back!  All he wanted to know was if I managed to get a shot of them falling!  Perhaps it was my father heart that kicked in – all I thought about was to throw everything down and to go and help.  (Blame my kids for doing this to me!)  Don’t worry Pottie, next time I’m committed to capture your fall 🙂

All I can say is:  keep this family growing!  You guys get more beautiful together every time I see you.  Hope you love!

Thank you Josh for assisting me on this shoot.  (And for teaching me new things about my camera! hehe)