René & Monique | Netherlands

Being in the Netherlands, I caught up with local friends after the wedding.  I met René & Monique at last year’s Netherland’s wedding where Monique was a bridesmaid and René assisted me.  Apart from this connection, René is also an avid amateur photographer … and a fellow runner.  Both of them actually.  We did this shoot as they were both tampering down in preparation for the New York Marathon.  And from what I have learned from them after the race, is that the Marathon went really well.  Well done guys!

We used an area between Noordwijk aan Zee and The Haque for the shoot, mostly done in the pouring rain (click to see what my camera looked like after this shoot!).  I have mentioned before how, when I was younger, I used to long for shots of me running in the mountains.  I just love shooting people doing what they love best – as I know how much they appreciate it!

Here is a good few shots of an awesome couple running the race of life together and enjoying every step.  All the best guys!  You are right on track and lovely together!

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