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Tim & Sarah | La Dique, Seychelles

La Dique Island in the Seychelles must be one of the top places in the world for wedding photography!  It is worlds away from anything one have ever seen or experienced.  Grab a bike or take the traditional ox cart.  Let me take you over giant granite boulders and  through lush forests to a beach where Tim & Sarah made their vows forever … They came all the way from Germany to formalise their relationship at Anse Source d’Argent beach, La Dique.  I flew in from South Africa to document it (and to be their witness!).  How special (and hot!) it was on the granite ilse where everyone cycles!  Apart from covering the beauty of the event, I tried to cover all the unigue aspects of the island: the boulders, forests, ox wagon, tortoises, beaches, bicycles, sunsets and pirates.  Tim & Sarah were a lot of fun and were up for anything.  I think they’ll be glad looking at these. Enjoy the moments, story and memories that speak for themselves.

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