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We need lots of  REAL PEOPLE  of all shapes and sizes, ages, traditions, disabilities, religions, ethnic groups and nationalities for a bunch of different shoots as a Commercial Photographer for clients.  You might just be the exact person I am looking for for our next shoot!


This is a unique opportunity for you to experience photo shoots where you'll be guided and directed according to the client's needs.  Also, you'll get pictures of yourself in different situations that you can (mostly) keep.  Plus did I mention you can earn an extra bit of cash doing this whilst having lots of fun?!

What are you waiting for?  Get your profile onto our database and see how we can make you famous!

  • The heading says MODELS? But I'm not a model ...
    WE ARE REALLY LOOKING FOR ANYONE! We had to use the word "Models" as we lacked a better word (and wanted to generate more traffic to our site by attracting curious stalkers :) It should really have read "REAL PEOPLE". This is a great opportunity for people to gain a bit of confidence doing fun things. Think of that person that doesn't feel good enough; the one with disabilities that never get a fair chance or just a bunch of friends that want to have fun and some photos of themselves together. Believe me, these shoots make for great stories! We will direct and help you, so don't worry. You really are who we are looking for (even if you were one of the stalkers to start off with ;)
  • I have a small business / service and need some images at work. Are you open to partnering with us?
    Sure - if we can make a deal that works both ways and smile afterwards. So contact me if you need photos of your business or service and make me an offer. We can use plumbers to pilots; blue collar workers to professionals. We might just be able to work something out. If you don't try, you'll never know.
  • Do I get any of the images?
    This depends on the client, but in general yes. And depending on the type of shoot, we pay a small honorarium to thank you for your time and services.
  • What do you do with the images?
    It really depends on the client. You will be briefed in detail prior to a potential shoot so that you are 100% sure what you are getting yourself into. If you are not happy, you just say no and we will contact someone else.
  • I have nothing to loose. How do I apply?
    We are excited to add you to our database! You really have nothing to loose. Fill out every section below. You can choose more than one options if needs be. When you are done, you will be prompted to email us an image of yourself for your file. Please do not forget to do this as your application will be deleted without this. Email a recent image of yourself to info [ at ] Photo Specs: Waist Up, Looking at camera, Mobile Image is more than enough, image size between 500kb - 4MB max. We will confirm when we have received the application and a correct image. If a shoot comes up that fits your profile, we will be in contact.
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Real People Application

* Words best to describe you

* Words best to describe you (choose as many as applicable)

Remember to email your profile image to us after submitting.

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