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A Most Beautiful Bride called Victoria

On Saturday, I iphotographed the 2nd most beautiful bride I have ever seen …

This was a interesting one.  Less like a formal booking.  More like an invitation.  Quite a late notice to be honest.  No save the dates animated emails. No fancy cards.  No deposits.  Just a celebration that needed to happen.  As quickly as possible.

Snow on Victoria Peak Jonkershoek with Somerset Sneeukop in background

I had the Saturday off.  It was really up to me if I would take on the challenge.  The bride would be there waiting.  Question be – would I be the one to capture her?  Clothed in white.  Pure and beautiful. I could not resist.

Kattedraal snow covered from Bergriviernek

I packed my gear and set off.  It had to be early morning. It would be quite a journey to the venue.  As I made my way, the decor on Kattedraal guided me towards her.  Lovely specks of bunting everywhere.  Decorations of flowers catching my eyes.  The detail were immense.  This would be a special one.

Drakenstein Mountains and Berg river from Bergriviernek on Panorma Route

View from Bergriviernek towards Franschhoek

Somerset Sneeukop from Bergriviernek with Tweede Waterval

Then I got my first glimpse.  Still so far away.  Yet radiant in spledour. Alluring and lovely.  As I dreamed she would be.

Snow covered Emerald Dome Victoria Peak and Dwarsberg Peak with Dwarsberg Plato in foreground

The wedding gown.  Wintery yet cool.  Perfect for this crisp clear day. A privilege to behold.

View from snow covered Victoria Peak towards Stellenbosch

Soft and gentle with a heart to fight for.  She didn’t make it easy.  She made me fight for her.  A humble victory.

Snow covered Victoria Peak with Trail Runner

I didn’t mind the others that came to photograph from the side.  Who could blame them.  A beauty to fight for.  This one to share.

Snow covered Victorioa Peak Jonkershoek with Trail Runners

The wedding cake.  With white icing.

Ice covered cairn on top op Victoria Peak Jonkershoek

The dance floor.  To celebrate.

View from snow covered Victoria Peak towards False Bay

The Bouquet.  To keep.

Snow on Victoria Peak view towards Jonkershoek

And some important guests.  That can sometimes be irritating.  Sometimes quite handy.

Helicopter on top snow cover Victoria Peak Jonkershoek

And then finally it came.  The covenant moment.  Holy.  Pure.  True.  The most real thing one could ever do.  

Cross on snow covered Victoria Peak Jonkershoek

The official photographer at the cake.  And the man married to the most beautiful bride I have ever seen!

Wil Punt Trail Runner Photographer on top Snow Covered Victoria Peak Jonkershoek Stellenbosch

Return journey’s view down Swartboskloof towards Helderberg.  Downloading and backing up.

View from Swartboskloof Jonkershoek top towards Helderberg Basin Lourensford and False Bay

So what happened to the Groom you might ask.  Where was He?  Well, He is coming soon and coming for His bride.  She’s almost ready …


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