Bastiaan & Elodie | The Hague, Netherlands

There are a few ways to get from South Africa to the USA.  One of them is via Schiphol. And in short, this is kind of how all of this happened …

I emailed a few friends to let them know that I would be passing through the Netherlands en route to a wedding in the USA.  Good friend Mike responded to say that he would be the MC at a wedding that weekend and he would check if the couple still needed a photographer.  As it turned out, they did and were happy for me to be of service.   It somehow did feel it was all planned and truly meant to be!

I had an immense amount of fun covering my second wedding in the Netherlands.  Knowing how well the first one turned out (and the life friends I have made), I was excited to shoot in the flat country again.  We covered the heart of The Hague for the couple shoot the morning of the wedding.  Both Bastiaan and Elodie work in politics, so the landmarks were chosen more for the value and stories it has added to their relationship, than the pure beauty of it.  It made the whole shoot a look into and journey through their lives for all to admire.

I felt privileged to capture this for sure (and to get to know these 2 amazing people together with their family and friends).  Thanks all!  Enjoy!

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