Bert & Rudelle

Wedding Elgin Old Mac Daddy

I have photographed before.  It was also the day before the so called “fight of the century“.  We kind of warmed up the show for all with some of these shots (pun intended!).  It was much more exciting than the next day’s fight I must say!

What a beautiful day it was up in the Elgin Valley.  Old Mac Daddy never seems to disappoint.  After Bert & Rudelle met one another at a lovely lake, we did their couple shoot in the bright autumn sunshine between the apple orchards.  It was so colourful and loads of fun.  The ceremony was conducted by Rudelle’s father and took place overlooking on another lake at sunset.   It was a real blessing to all.  The restaurant looked amazing at night and when I left, the party was still going strong.  What an absolute feast!

Enjoy this lovely imagery of a very fun couple.

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