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Botswana Destination Wedding

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Botswana Destination Wedding

I just had the amazing privilege to photograph Lloyd and Margaux’s wedding on the banks of the majestic river Chobe.  It is a magical place where four different countries are only a stone throw away and wild animals roam freely.   I asked the security guards at my accommodation if they were there at night to keep people out.  Their response, “No sir, we are here for the hippos, crocodiles, elephants and lions”.  And that was at the place where we stayed in the town …

I flew up a few days earlier for a personal assignment at Victoria Falls.  What a place!  I have been there before for a magical wedding and on a public transport trip down from Kenya, but experiencing it as full as it is this year, was a whole new Mosi-au-Tunya.  It was absolutely worthwhile and everything worked out perfectly.  I got chased by an elephant only once and got to meet and photograph amazing people.

The day leading up to the wedding was spent scouting and getting to know the couple and the group of people attending the celebration.  We travelled to Chobe National Park by boat for sundowners and had an amazing display of nature at it’s best.  I just love Africa.

Finally, we got to the wedding day.  It was another perfect day in Africa.  Lloyd and Margaux made their promised at the lovely Kubu Lodge on the banks of the mighty Chobe.  We travelled to the Nature Park with two additional groomsmen.  One to hold the light and shapers who could run when needed and one to stand on the car and look out for elephants, hippos and lions.  I am very glad to report that they did a superb job.  All are accounted for.

We finished the couple shoot on a small boat where we enjoyed the sunset before the sun sank into the river.  The stillness and peace on the water was a perfect way to end our shoot before the celebration on land.  What an evening.

Thank you Lloyd, Margaux, friends and family for the opportunity, kindness, willingness and laughter.  It is one of those I will never forget! (that’s what she said! )

Enjoy our memories!   To new ones and new adventures …

Botswana Destination Wedding

Botswana Destination Wedding

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