Chris & Sophie | Wolwedans, Namibia

Wolwedans Wedding Photographer Namibia

I guess when you’ve had the unique opportunity to shoot at this mesmerising desert venue for the 4th time, you can count yourself lucky.   When it has worked out in such a way that you’ve done a wedding at each of Wolwedans’ different camps, you are extremely fortunate!  I’m not going to complain!

The pleasure also comes with a challenge though.  How can I create this set of photos as unique and different as the lovely couple I have the privilege to capture?!  Luckily Chris & Sophie made it so easy for me.  What a lovely pair.

After numerous travel set backs on their way to Namibia, they were saying their vows to one another less than 24hrs after arriving in the country.   Needless to say they were still very tired on the day (it is actually the first time that a groom goes back to sleep after I have done the shoot with him prior to the ceremony.  He woke up in time though).   Taking all of this in mind, they were keen on anything I suggested and really enjoyed every moment of their special day.

This Swiss residing couple were accompanied by their lovely parents fromScotland and France.  It must have been very special for them to witness their son and daughter committing their lives to one another in such a surreal environment.  There even was no wind that late afternoon and it turned out to be a perfect sunset.

I left the couple to enjoy their celebration dinner after capturing successful Chinese lanterns rising to become part of the stars.  It was a perfect night!

And a short one!  We got up really early and rushed off to a special boulder area called Bushman Koppie for a sunrise shoot.  We even came across a hyena as we arrived.   The whole experience was truly special.  The morning was concluded with a dune breakfast before we said our goodbyes.

I am sure we will meet again in the near future.  Thank you for your kindness and generosity.  Mostly thank you for your trust in me to guide you through the time we’ve had together.  Your trust made me excel.  I hope you will love these forever.

Wolwedans Wedding Photographer Namibia

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