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Corona Virus Wedding

We did have a wedding! Deon & Antoinette were supposed to get married back at the end of March, but the lockdown hit just as their wedding was supposed to happen. Covid-19 seemed to have stolen their 100 plus guest dream day. They didn't give up though. This love needed to be celebrated! Here is the plan they made.

We kept the communication channels open. Dates continued to change as the levels did and eventually they decided on the 4th of July. With the right permissions, they were allowed to travel to Limpopo the weekend before their Stellenbosch wedding, to have an intimate family-only wedding on their farm in Limpopo.

Only a few close friends were invited for their Weltevreden wedding in Stellenbosch a week later. The ceremony was at the Moederkerk in town where we needed to sign forms, get our temperature checked and hands sanitised. As Antoinette came walking into the church, Deon still had his face mask on. I waved at him to remove it, as I thought he must have forgotten about it. All smiles could be seen and they even managed to give each other a normal kiss at the end of the ceremony :)

The horse carriage and horses were very important to Antoinette. It made for some running on my part to try and get the shots, but it was totally worth it though. It proofed to be one of the highlights of the day.

I am glad we finally managed to pull this one off. On the day, it didn't feel like a compromise at all. As I said before - this love needed to be celebrated for sure. It can be done.

Happy memories and blessings.

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