David & Hayleigh

Holden Manz Wedding Photos Franschhoek

You do not get a better day in the Boland than catching a beautiful day in April.  Dave & Hayleigh’s day was an absolute stunner!

I loved meeting and spending time with this mostly Zimbabwean crowd.  These are honest people.  They are down to earth, so well mannered and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Dave is a gentle giant at 6.8 feet (I am tall, but a man of this size makes the angle of normal portraits quite a challenge!).  His best man finished his super uplifting (and refreshing) best man’s speech by saying that even if Dave was 4 feet tall, he would still consider him a giant amongst men.  I couldn’t agree more.  What a true gentleman!  Hayleigh herself is a lovely, positive and meek woman.  It felt like I was photographing a friend as she trusted my judgment whole heartedly.  An absolute delight!

These two make an phenomenal couple.  Who ever knows them can count themselves extremely lucky.  I do for sure!  Enjoy these and may their beauty continue to shine.

Thank you to the guys from FJS for the Video Production and fun. And to Cecilia Fourie for the stunning Make Up & Hair.

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