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De Uijlenes Wedding

De Uijlenes Wedding

Jannie & Christine chose the perfect spot for their weekend wedding. The weekend had something of everything: friends and family from afar; young and old equally enjoying themselves; a cozy pizza mingle evening; great locally brewed coffee all weekend long; the memorable lunch ceremony; lawn games and dam golf; a sunny walk at the ocean; a great band and quality music; a friendly deer greeting everyone on arrival; a gala evening with tango dancing; real Italian dessert; and the list just goes on and on.

I will remember this wedding as the one where everyone was different yet felt so familiar. Every person I engaged with was really interesting and extremely friendly. I loved spending my weekend with each one of them.

Thank you Jannie & Christine for an experience like no other. I am sure everyone will agree that this was one for the books. Thank you for thinking of everything and making sure that everyone had the best time possible. We have been privileged to be part of your celebrations.

Enjoy this quick selection of images to tell the story for now. Blessings!

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Spectacular all i can say ...

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