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De Uijlenes Wedding Gansbaai

Sometimes I only get to meet a couple for the first time in person on their wedding day. Sometimes I know them well ...

I met Izaan a few years ago. Having moved a lot of my focus to the corporate sector, I did work for a company where she was my contact person for their staff portraiture. She numerously had to be the light model for the light set up and we got to know each other well.

She told me about meeting this cool South African guy at a wedding, but who currently lives in the Netherlands. She showed me a picture and I joked with her that he must be her cousin. Before long, she had news that she was going to quit her job and move to the Netherlands to be with her "nefie". I was so excited to hear that they got engaged and would have their celebration wedding back in SA.

I got to meet Gerhard a year ago when I did their engagement shoot. I really liked him and felt he was a great match for Izaan. They had their official wedding in the Netherlands in June and renewed their vows surrounded by their family and friends exactly 6 months later at De Uijlenes Wedding Venue outside Gansbaai.

Thank you for asking me to witness and capture this special day in your lives at the end of 2023. I am looking forward to seeing you guys soon again. The first family shoot awaits :)

Enjoy and blessings!


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