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Denis & Lyubov – Italy Shoot I | Rome Pre-shoot

For those of you who have been following my work, will know that I had the immense privilege to shoot a Russian wedding in Italy in June.  Apart from the amazing geographic trip, I had the honour to get to know this phenomenal couple, their family and closest friends.  Denis told me how he was surfing the internet for wedding photographers  late one night in their Moscow flat and somehow stumbled across our site.  He said he was so excited that he ran to wake Lyubov to look at our work.  They decided to meet with me in Cape Town in December ’10 and I did a pre-shoot for them.  When they have finalised their wedding details, they contacted me and offered me a trip of a life time to capture their one day in a lifetime.  I am so humbled by this and will always be thankful for the risk they have taken in me.  I hope it paid off guys!

The following shoot I had to do the morning after arriving in Rome after just 90minutes of sleep on the plane.  I just dropped my bag in my hotel room, took a shower and met them in the lobby for the shoot.  “Here we go,” I thought.  “Shoot 1 of 4 is going to rock!”  I think it did!


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