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Denis & Lyubov – Italy Shoot II | Wedding Day

If you missed the previous posts, I have pre-photographed this great couple first in Cape Town and then in Rome.  The exciting Wedding Day was next.

Denis & Lyubov chose the breathtaking Castel Vecchio (on the spectacular crater rim of Lake Albano & just 500m from Castel Gandolfo – the Pope’s summer residence) for the preparations and evening banquet.    What a setting to wake up to on my first morning in Italy!  (I’ve included bits and pieces of the lake for you to get an idea of this place).

After the preparations, we rushed off to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Villa d’Este situated in Tivoli.  This is definitely the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen!  The photos tell the story of a emotional ceremony under an ancient patio, a sunny day turning to heavy thunder storms, a kitten that kept on following (only) me through the place (and trying to hide from the rain in my arms), historic art- and water works, country villas in green fields and an exquisite evening banquet with fellow Russian family & friends.

For those who have been following our Facebook page, would have seen I posted something about Lyubov loosing her wedding ring in a field!  We only realised it more than 30 minutes after the shoot and rushed back to the lusern field miles away.  The search was on for a small ring in a MEGA field.  As we drove, I franticly started to browse through the pictures to see if I could spot something.  Of course I used my widest lens from far away for that whole bit (in keeping with Peartree’s non obtrusive, natural style)!  I zoomed my Nikon to max and managed to make out something that could be a ring.  We had a 5 x 5m area to work with.  Great was the excitement as Lyubov bent down and immediately found the ring as we arrived at this area.  A total miracle (aided by Nikon’s top technology! hehe!).

The festivities continued till late in the night, but we had to rush home as this was not the end of it all.  Actually we were only halfway with our shoots.  The highlight was about to follow.  See our blog again tomorrow for Shoot III of IV – The Night Shoot!


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