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Derek & Ashleen | Sainte Anne, Seychelles – Part 2/3

This archipelago of islands must be one of my top 5 places on the globe (so far!).  The Seychelles absolutely blows my mind every time I get a chance to go there.  It is truly a photographer’s paradise as one can see from yesterday’s post!   Naturally I have been extremely excited to do Derek and Ashleen’s wedding on Sainte Anne Island, about 4km from the main island Mahe.   It features just one exclusive resort on the whole island.  This meant we had a whole island to use for their wedding!  And I think we made the most of it (even though our bags with some stands, diffusers, etc didn’t arrive till after the shoots were done!)

Derek and Ashleen lives in the UK and met through work in London.  They absolutely fit like a glove!  It is a feast to start a conversation and to see these two take it and each other apart with their unique Northern Irish humour.  Absolutely brilliant!  I really enjoyed their lovely company and infectious hospitality.  They did so well in these shoots and made it all worth the effort.  Ashleen produced tears by the bucket during the ceremony (all for the photos of course); they braced an army of monstrous mosquitos in the forrest and were willing to get wet when the sky turned grey & grainy at night.  They even went further for the highlight of the shoot in my mind the next day … but more on this after the weekend for the second day’s shoot.

For now, here is the official selection of the wedding day of this beautiful couple.  The next day’s shoot (Part 3) follows after the weekend …


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