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Derek & Ashleen | Sainte Anne, Seychelles – Part 3/3

We broke the wedding shoot up over 2 days to get the most of the whole island and good light.  The first day‘s main focus was the wedding at Sainte Anne Resort and build up to it.  This second day would be more relaxed and almost experimental.  I am always keen for whatever the couple is prepared to give to me to shoot … and these guys didn’t hold back at all.

Prior to the trip, we discussed the probability of spending the last hour in the water.  They were keen before and even more so on the day.  The Seychelles is hot and humid place!  I loved what we got and how naturally and special it came.

Adri assisted and travelled with me for this day’s shoot.  She had some great ideas – some of which needs her credit below.  Thanks babe!

Derek & Ashleen – I hope these came out even better than you thought.  It was an absolute pleasure working with and getting to know you better.  Thanks for your trust and willingness to make this possible in such a special way.  Blessings to you both!


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