Derik & Liza

You don’t get much better than Elgin Weddings.  The valley is situated on top of an immensely fruitful and astoundingly beautiful mountain.  With amazing venues like the famous Paul Cluver Estate and the Elgin Country Club to name but a few, one really can’t go wrong.  And this is precisely where Peartree’s Wedding Season for 2014/2015 kicked off on Saturday …

I got to know Derik & Liza at Deon & Maria’s wedding in Clarens 2 years back.  Derik was one of the best men and we had a lot of good banter going on in the group of guys.  I gave Liza a lift back from Fouriesburg to Joburg early that Sunday morning enroute to a commercial job in Kenya.  So it wasn’t strangers at all that I photographed on this cold and windy winter’s afternoon in Elgin.

I’m not the biggest fan of photos at railway lines – it has just been done too many times before by basically everyone.  So when I got instructed by the couple for photos at a line, the search was on and challenge there to make it look fresh & different.  I actually love what we got here – the bridge added a bit of drama and the guy’s bravery some suspense.  A few other favourites in here involving an awesome cottage, an old Soviet hat from the Ukraine and Fiat hire car.  I am sure you will enjoy!

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