Ettiene & Michelle | eshoot

Mouille Point Engagement Shoot CapeTown

Photography is all about light.  When you have the sun, a lighthouse, reflections off glassy buildings & the sea plus your own gadgets to play with, it is play time …

Ettiene & Michelle were a bit nervous prior to the shoot.  That is part of the reason why we did it.  I have the privilege to shoot their wedding in 2017 and this served as a test run.  I think we can all rest assured after this that it is going to be okay on their big day.

What rock stars these two were!!  They were keen for all my suggestions and actually enjoyed time together as I played and mixed light combinations for the end result.  I must admit, it was absolutely their natural connection and kindness that made these photos turn out to be of the highest standard.

Will I return to Mouille Point for more shoots?  Surely I will.  This place ticked all the boxes and surprised me with it’s inner city beauty.  I love it!  And am I looking forward to beginning of next year to photograph these two again at their wedding?  For sure – I can’t wait!

Enjoy these for now and see you again in 2017!

Mouille Point Engagement Shoot CapeTown

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