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Frans-Johan & Marionette

Beachfront Winter Wedding

Frans-Johan & Marionette decided to do things differently.  This awesome couple chose Frans’ parents beach house as their wedding venue at Betty’s Bay.  It has played such a significant role in their lives that they decided to keep it close to home.  For them it was about keeping the focus on the things most important to them: the people closest to their hearts but mostly their Creator & Saviour who deserves all the Glory!

The house was transformed, a stage was built and a food truck parked in the back courtyard to set the stage for a memorable day.  While the waves crashed over the icy rocks, Pannie & Marionette made their vows and blew everyone away with their first (hot) kiss!  Suddenly it wasn’t that cold anymore with everyone celebrating and spontaneously dancing to James Bay’s Hold Back the River.  It just had to be captured …

That song will never be the same again.  What a crowd and start to the day!

Keep a look out for the bench where they got engaged (and had their first ever kiss), the smiling baboon posing with the bride (whilst his woman & child raided the kitchen inside and kept the bridesmaid on their toes and at a high pitch), the intimacy of the couple shoot and the blessing through the phenomenal speeches.

I really felt truly honoured to be part of this memorable day.  Thank you Frans-Johan, Marionette, family and friends – you all blessed me on the day.  I hope these will return the favour.  Enjoy.

beachfront winter wedding
beachfront winter wedding
beachfront winter wedding
beachfront winter wedding
beachfront-winter-wedding 5
beachfront-winter-wedding 6
beachfront-winter-wedding 7
beachfront-winter-wedding 8
beachfront-winter-wedding 9
beachfront-winter-wedding 10
beachfront-winter-wedding 11
beachfront-winter-wedding 12
beachfront-winter-wedding 13
beachfront-winter-wedding 14
beachfront winter wedding
beachfront-winter-wedding 16
beachfront-winter-wedding 17
beachfront-winter-wedding 18
beachfront-winter-wedding 19
beachfront-winter-wedding 20
beachfront-winter-wedding 21
beachfront-winter-wedding 22
beachfront-winter-wedding 23
beachfront-winter-wedding 24
beachfront-winter-wedding 25
beachfront-winter-wedding 26
beachfront-winter-wedding 27
beachfront-winter-wedding 28
beachfront-winter-wedding 29
beachfront-winter-wedding 30
beachfront-winter-wedding 31
beachfront-winter-wedding 32
beachfront winter wedding

Beachfront Winter Wedding

Well done again to Sylvia Strauss from Special Events for this amazing day!


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