Gabrielskloof Wedding – Frank & Lize

Gabrielskloof Wedding

Photography started for me as a way to communicate travel explorations and adventures.  Being a storyteller at heart, I felt that my words mostly fell short of what I encountered around the next corner.  Only pictures could tell the whole story.  Life was unpredictable and skills were required to capture moments that would only happen once.

When photography became a job, I tried to leave it less to chance and to visualize the whole shoot.  I literally walk through the day in my mind keeping an eye on the clock and the position of the sun.  I like to give the client options and leave space for us all to think on our feet.  And of course to be ready when something unplanned would reveal itself.  It often happens …

This couldn’t have been more true on Saturday night.  I was packing up to leave whilst in conversation with the MC, when a guest came running up to me with the words, “You have to capture this!”.  I kind of reluctantly took my camera out of the bag again and followed.  He proudly showed me the full moon rising behind light clouds right in the center between the two buildings.  I tried to get the shot and then realised I needed to call the couple out.  Luckily they were super keen and braved the cold wind.  I am so glad they did.

I promise the rest of the day was planned though!  Frank and Lize were keen to get great shots and I tried my best to satisfy this need.  They brought in the same 1970 Datsun that Lize’s sister used at their wedding 7 years ago.  I was privileged to capture Stiaan & Ilze’s wedding back in 2010 as well.  (Dit was so lekker om julle weer te sien – julle gesin is pragtig. Laat my weet wanneer ek jul weer kan kom vasvang). 

We had a lot of fun as we played with light and moments.  Thank you Frank & Lize for trusting me with your big day.  I know you had many choices in potential photographers.  I am so glad you chose me for your Gabrielskloof wedding.  All the best for the future.  Hopefully I’ll see you at a friend’s wedding again soon.  Blessings.

Gabrielskloof Wedding

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