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Gesinsfotograaf Stellenbosch

What a dear family whom I accidentally met with my camera in hand exactly 10 years ago. I stumbled upon their daughter's first birthday party and offered to take a few photographs that I emailed them. Since then, we have kept in touch and did a few shoots together. I really love these guys!

Below is our latest effort to try and capture the beauty of this family. The kids have grown so much (and the parents haven't aged a bit!). Babylonstoren was the perfect setting on this exceptionally beautiful Spring morning in the Cape Winelands. I love what we got.

Willem and Amelia - it was lovely to see you again. With the kids growing up so fast now, I think we should at least halve our 5 year photo cycle from this point on, otherwise there is only 1 shoot left before 2 of them are off to uni (Scary right!). See you guys hopefully soon again! Much blessings till next time!


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