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Helmut Meijer Rene de Klerk Wedding

The Wedding of Helmut Meijer and René de Klerk. Finally.

the loud library laughter

to a lamborgreeny jikolo liberty

the late night e2 beats

to lunch compassion williebroodjies

the gravity strategy

to black vanilla filled rooms

the kili heights

to my kenyan heart

the grey cityscapes

to the abbey's air

the black home night

to camden colours

the many tests

to all the wins and fails

the canyons mountains caves

to my wife my life

the recorded song

to worship at covenant

the stories prayers hopes

to drifting slightly on solid ground

the wedding the wind

to where the past's futures met

the many memories

to the unreal potential

the deep love

to you my friend

the we2

to us4

Words fail me, brother. I am so happy for you. You remained faithful. She is yours now.


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