Hugo & Deirdre

I quietly drove through beautiful apple orchards.  Where could that venue be?  Then it appeared – the magical mountains with a surreal tent erected on a small hill in the fore ground.  It was mesmerising.

What an absolute privilege to have done this wonderful wedding just outside of Ceres on the Du Toit‘s Farm Paardekloof in the hidden Witzenberg Valley.

It is one of those weddings where the pictures will have to tell the whole story.  My words can not.  The lovely Du Toit fam together with Hannes & the [kraak] team did an amazing job to pull this one off at the exact place where Deirdre dreamed to have her celebration.   Well done to all.  The whole farm and venue looked absolutely amazing!

Hugo & Dee – you have blessed me with your words of life, realness, care plus your families & friends.  Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer.  I am so grateful it could have been me!

All the best for the future.  It will be blessed, because your hearts are in the right place.  Live your adventure.

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