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Intro | Mauritius – Part 1/4

A Mauritius wedding – what a privilege!

But there were a lot of uncertainty if this event would go ahead in the week leading up to the wedding.  You see, IMELDA made her appearance.  And no, it isn’t a new iPhone app (iMelda) that replaces professional photographers (that one is already out – it is called Instagram  🙂.  It was a category 2 Cyclone heading for an island on which 11 people drowned in a storm just 2 weeks before.  Needless to say, in the light of this, everyone was taking this new potential threat very seriously.

Diane would check the latest weather report (by the way, this US Navy site is awesome for general ocean and island weather) while I would be flying up to Johannesburg enroute to Mauritius.  If the forecast was too severe, she would let me know by sms and I would have to return to Cape Town.  I didn’t receive a sms, so I booked in my luggage and headed off to the island of dreams.

Yes, the wedding did happen and the weather was out of this world!  The power of prayer hey!  Thanks for all who prayed!  I decided to start this 1st of 4 posts with a few shots one do not normally see of the island.  It was taken on my last day on the way to the airport.  I love the natural inland scenery and life of this island!

Keep a look out for the next 3 daily posts covering this awesome island wedding.  Here is just a taster of what is to come …

The pre-shoot features tomorrow.  Until then …


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