Jannes & Marielle

I had the privilege to shoot one of the first weddings at Laatson, Porterville some years ago.  It was my best friend’s wedding and very close to my heart.  Looking back, it seems like I have returned to this lovely venue for many special occassions over the years.  People who have worked for me, close friends and people who I have got to know through working in the industry over the years.  Jannes & Marielle sort of fit in here.  I have done both their sister’s weddings and it feels like they have become friends in the process.

Jannes is a keen amateur photographer.  Ever since his sister’s wedding, we would chat photography over the phone.  And about how it sucked to be single for him 🙂  Needless to say, I was over the moon when I heard the good news of him having met Marielle.  I think everyone will agree that she was worth the wait!  An absolutely lovely and very creative lady.  The perfect match for one of the most real and optimistic men I know.

So here goes – another spectacular day at Laatson with two amazing people.  There are many treasures down here – the magnificant cake done by Marielle’s sister from Le Petit Four; the falcon (who flew in the rings!) and Black eagle; and so much more.  Enjoy!

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