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Joburg CBD Wedding

By now, you have probably realised that I am drawn to nature when it comes to environmental portraiture. When you get to do a wedding in the Joburg CBD though, the concrete jungle offers you an urban challenge and downtown inspiration one can not resist but try and conquer.

I kept an eye on the approaching thunderstorm that held off for the couple shoot. It created a dark and eerie look with unique light and colours as we shot away at the bespoke 44 Stanley where the wedding was held. I love what we got!

Denys and Nicole is a super couple surrounded by supportive friends and close family. I really enjoyed meeting all of them and capturing their long-awaited dream day. The beautiful Doveton House where Nicole and her bridal party got ready, created the perfect and relaxed backdrop for Nicole's preparation to go meet her husband. The union was sweet and the celebrations absolutely joyous!

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to capture your wedding in downtown Johannesburg this past weekend. It was a wonderful experience and great honour. Enjoy.

Well done to Gerhard from First Kiss Videography. You have a great eye - one I haven't seen for a while in a videographer. Keep it up, man! Thank you also to Debi for the on-time and beautiful makeup.



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