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Joe & Diane | Mauritius – Part 4/4

The final post of 4.  (Finally some would say!).  I love the previous shots.  And I love these.

Just a quick background.  We were merrily shooting away after the ceremony in a forest between the road and the beach, when this random truck rocked up, pulled over and just sat there.  On the side of it was an eagle and American flag.  With Joe originally being from Nebraska, we stopped what we were doing and ran over to the truck.  I asked him just to stand there and look at me.  All of a sudden, his fierce pride of his home country kicked in after serving in the army for a few years.  He saluted and gave me a chance at an unique shot or two.  Well done bro – you’ve made those shots!  Diane was as elegant and keen as ever.  If I would have told her to climb a tree, I am sure she would have done it (and done it gracefully!).

The colonial Heritage Château provided for a mesmerising backdrop for our bridal party sunset shots.  What a stunning place.  Needless to say, the last shot in this post must be one of my favourites.

I visited the C Beach Club on my previous work trip to Mauritius.  (Go click on the link – this place is unreal.)  It provided the perfect finish to this memorable wedding.  When J&D did their first dance, time stood still.  The moment was just perfect! (Almost as perfect as dinner, hey Joe?!)

Joe & Diane – thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with this.  I surely hope I managed to capture the essence of your heart’s desire.  It has been a tremendous privilege.  Enjoy!


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