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Knorhoek Wedding Stellenbosch

After 11 years, Jason and Megan finally got married at the lovely Knorhoek just outside of Stellenbosch. And nothing could stop them ...

Megan and her bridesmaids had a lot of fun getting ready and organised for the ceremony. I love it when the bridesmaids are involved, chatting to the bride during the shoot and making her feel beautiful and comfortable. This is how it should be. They helped her with her dress, cleaned up so that we have more spaces to shoot in and kept her calm and happy. Well done girls.

After a beautiful ceremony and quick family shoot, the bridal party moved onto the Mint Coloured VW Combi which was used to fit in with the theme of the wedding. Moving quick and efficiently, we timed it right to get some striking Wineland's shots as the sun was setting over a beautiful day.

The evening started with a bang with all the friends on the dancefloor keeping the spirits high. They were awesome. You see, they danced in honour of their mate. Poor Jason picked up a stomach virus that totally threw him off. But he is a tough guy and pulled through wonderfully at the end. We had to keep his illness a secret to Megan up until after the ceremony where he told her the news as they were signing the register. We missed his groom shoot as he was down and out so bad, he had to be taken to the hospital for shots of a kind than I could not provide. Poor guy. He also had such a shivering fever during our couple shoot, that he had to go and sleep for more than an hour when the reception started. He joined again when the doctor's pills kicked in to put up a brave face.

I salute you, Jason - you're a real tough guy! I hope you are better already. And well done to Megan who kept by your side supporting and encouraging you all the way. In sickness and in health is beautiful to behold.

I mentioned this specifically at the end, as I believe the photos just tell a story of a lovely couple in love on their wedding day. I am sure this is how this day will be remembered. May you find your hearts and the joy you make one another feel in these images. May this be what you remember and smile about for the years to come. Enjoy!



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