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La Terra De Luc Wedding Venue Franschhoek

Oh, what a joyous day. Reinhart and Christie got married. They are so happy together.

With a Zoom Live Stream Wedding Ceremony, people from all over the world could join from their living rooms. Some even joined in the speeches, which made the wedding a unique experience for all attending virtually and in person. Of course, if you know Reinhart, this kind of excellence is what one can expect from the best part-time sound man I know!

Reinhart and I have done weddings together for years. He is precise, reliable and absolutely great in what he does. He inspires me. He has volunteered hours and hours of his time to serve at our church and events. It is at one of these events, a weekend church camp, where he saw Christie for the first time. She was pitching her tent. To get her attention, he took his camping fridge and positioned it right in front of her entrance. To make a longer story very short, she eventually shared the fridge facility with him that weekend which eventually lead to starting to share life together on Saturday! How cool is that! :)

Congratulations guys - may your life be filled with grace, wisdom and the continuous blessing of others. Your reward awaits!

Enjoy these lovely moments!


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