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Lake Malawi Wedding

The Lake Malawi Wedding everyone is talking about ...

After 3 Covid tests, I am back home with my family, sipping the best Malawian Bean There Coffee (thanks Beanie), contemplating a trip that finally happened. It is all so dreamy. It almost feels as if it didn't really happen.

Perhaps my dreaminess is due to the beautiful setting. The Makokola Retreat is situated on the southern shores of Lake Malawi, Africa's second-biggest lake. It feels like you are somewhere on a tropical island with its palm trees, infinity pools and sandy beaches. It is mind-blowingly beautiful!

Perhaps the dreaminess came from a lack of sleep with my first post-Covid international journey being rerouted via Addis Abiba at the last moment. What was supposed to be just a two times 2-hour flight, became a 32-hour journey to make it to the warm heart of Africa. It was absolutely worth it though.

But to be honest, I think the dreamy feeling I have is purely because Gary and Kate's wedding left everyone quite speechless. It brought a community of people together from all over the world who shares two deep loves - one for this beautiful couple and a deep passion for the country of Malawi. Everywhere I went, I heard stories and laughter of all the adventures and memories that were shared within the borders of this special piece of Africa; young and old were talking, dancing, celebrating together creating more special memories to contemplate on for years to come. It was beautiful to behold. A real privilege to be a part of.

Thank you Gary and Kate for trusting this South African photographer with your Malawi wedding. It was such an honour to meet the two of you as well as your lovely families and friends. I saw a future and a hope around those tables under those fairy lights and African stars. It spoke to me of optimism, bravery and a tangible sense of adventure. I left your wedding feeling inspired and absolutely joyful.

I had the privilege to capture a wedding at Lake Malawi on Saturday. I hope I could do it justice. Enjoy.


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