Manny & Marzane

Autumn Stellenbosch Wedding Molenvliet Estate

When photographing people, I try to find mutual ground and connect with them to make the whole experience feel a bit less odd.  With Manny and Marzanne it was so easy.  They have a lovely daughter about my own daughter’s age. And Manny loves Single Malt Whisky …

During our pre wedding meeting, he told me about his favourite called Yamazaki.  Since it won the 2014 Best Whisky in the World with an amazing 97.5 out of a 100, it is one I have always wanted to taste (of course!).  Great was my surprise when I arrived to photograph the groomsmen, when a glass of this Aqua Vitae was poured for the photographer as well.  He brought this bottle specially so that I could taste it.  Mmm, I haven’t felt peer pressure like this since being a first year at college.  And I was tempted.

The nose was out of this world and I took a wee sip of the dram.  It was just so so good.  I realised I was bound to disappoint Manny here.  Either I could risk going for the very vibrant, loud and slightly out of focus look for all their pics.  Or I could keep the treasure for later.  I chose the latter.  So,when the clock struck for the end of my official time with them that Saturday evening, I was handed my glass and could relax and celebrate with these two lovely people.  Absolutely awesome!

I love how these came out.  The light was washed and clear after the previous day’s pouring rain.  For Many & Marzane, it felt like I was hanging out with friends.  They truly made me feel special and enjoyed the day to the full.  Thanks and well done guys!

Thank you also to Molenvliet and the service providers for the great day out.  It is always an honour.

Make Up & Hair – Iza Cloete | Videography – Hand Stitched Films | Flowers – Okasie | Cake – Cakes by Wade | Coffee – Coffee Right


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