Mian & Hanna-Mari

Here’s yet another beautiful wedding done at Kleinevalleij outside Wellington.  It included the spanking new Au’ de Hex venue in the mix!  (Hanna-Mari was one of the first brides to use this lovely new venue – have a look!)

We rushed away after the ceremony to catch some sun and to create something unique.  But before we did, we managed to pull the great group of friends together for a fun bridal party shoot at Festa –  I love the Gatsby look we got!  Add to all of this the opera upcoming legend Riaan Hunter (love the shot of him singing  to the couple- new FB banner Riaan?), an owl, bee, arch rivals school staff posing together on the same picture and a radiant couple, and you will find a wedding to remember for all the right reasons.  Enjoy!

Thank you again to Joshua Buhrmann for helping me carry the bags and the great landscape shot of Groenberg used in this post.

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