Murray & Sandra

Imagine a Black Tie Formal Wedding in the African bush.

I was back on the potato farm outside Christiana after visiting two weeks before.  The Out of Africa Engagement Shoot was a stunner, so I was really looking forward to see what Murray and Sandra would be able to pull out of the hat this time round.  Even with such a high expectation, I was totally surprised.

Here’s just a few snippets:  literally everything had to be brought in from Joburg; the food was prepared on site (and excellent featuring many different forms of potatoes!);  the local community got spoiled to the best on the Cape Vineyards, Scottish Highlands and my most sought after Irish Pot Still;  Murray conducted their own ceremony(!); the Labola was at hand for the father of the bride; an Oupa en Ouma wat dans dat die stof so staan with a lekker attitude (see photo) … the whole event was just out of this world!

I’m afraid neither my words nor any photos can do this event justice. You just had to be there.  And for those of us who were, we all got treated to an unforgettable celebration of a wonderful couple. Daar op die plaas.  Somewhere in Africa.

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