Parker & Michelle | Saint Louis, USA

When I did Ryan & Lindsay’s wedding in South Africa less than a year ago, I got to meet the Carlin family from the USA.  For 8 hours.  It was strange – I really felt I connected with this family in a very special way.  I worked through the photos and posted some on the Blog.  What followed was a beautiful iphone email from Brian (dad) that read:

I’m sitting in the Atlanta (USA) airport, with still three hours left in our 35 hour journey home.  I just saw your post of Ryan & Lindsay’s wedding pics and I have to say I am just stunned at how beautiful, poignant and insightful they are.  Not only are your photos fresh and creative, but you captured key emotions and personality traits. Janet and I feel very blessed to have had you present at our daughter’s wedding.  Thanks for capturing what will become timeless family treasures.

I replied with:

Thank you for taking the time to write to me on your long journey home. Your words mean a lot to me!  Thank you for continuing to be a blessing … May God bless your creativity in the bussiness world as well as your stunning family!  It has been a real privilige for me to meet all of you.

May our paths cross again God willing.

And so it did …

When Parker and Michelle started to look for a photographer in Saint Louis, Brian mentioned to find out if I was available.  And yes, for some reason I had the whole October open!  Even before I stepped out on my journey to the Carlin family in Missouri, I already knew this was absolutely meant to be.  God set this one up (like always!) and I just needed to follow.  It is a wonderful thing when the LORD goes before you.

Apart from setting up appointments with key people on the way there in the Netherlands (including, amonst many things, doing a wedding where, when I randomly met the pastor of a church in The Hague, he asked me: “Are you not that guy from Peartree?!”), it was an absolute blessing to spent time with the Carlin family in Wildwood, Missouri.  They blessed me with more than gthe mindblowing experiences of doing both their daughter’s weddings.  They blessed me with the love and beauty of their remarkable family, taking me into their home and allowing me to walk out a changed person and friend for life.

And then there was the wedding as well of course!  Wow-look at these guys!  Fun, beauty, style, autumn colors, Forest Park, basketballs and muscles.  I love this.  The photos tell the whole story.

Thank you so so much!  I’m forever grateful.   Enjoy!!

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