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Pat Busch Wedding Robertson

Louis and Jeanri got married. What more can be said ...


Patient purity, freedom feathers, soft sunlight and a rough realness happened in and around a flying forest of daydreams and passionate promises. It played off in front of me as I felt God's presence and saw it touching others. He Is Love.

This Pat Busch Wedding just outside of Roberston was one filled with the lack of words. Imagery portraying moments of love, peace and joy poured onto my computer screen as I witnessed it afresh working through these moments today.

Now it is on yours. May it bless you as it did all who witnessed the wedding of Louis & Jeanri Scott. Enjoy!

Thank you to the team of Dapper & Light for their behind the scenes coordinating, hard work as well as the videography. Also to Estelle Pretorius for the beautiful makeup and hair.



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