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Perfect Ending – Beautiful Start

It is just after 11pm on 30 June 2010.  It is the last hour of the 2009-2010 Wedding Season according to the way we look at a it at Peartree Photography.  And I am overjoyed to share that by the grace of God …

  1. it has been a record year for both PeartreeGerminate Photography (our sister company)

  2. we’ve had a 100% happy Wedding Client rate (unless we missed something somewhere that we’re not currently aware of!)

  3. I have just finished the last bit of editing on my final wedding for the season … it’s all done!

  4. we managed to stick to ALL our deadlines during the whole season

  5. we haven’t had one double booking to date

  6. I still absolutely  L O V E every aspect of what I do, &

  7. (most importantly) I’m still happily married, fitter than ever and my boy loves his daddy to bits

From tomorrow onwards, we will be operating in the 2010-2011 Wedding Season.  All I can say is … BRING IT ON!

I motivated myself to first finish all my editing, before I post the photos below.  Welcome to change at Peartree … a bit of family, relaxing, friends, experiences and emotions from the last couple of weeks.  Speed up the Internet & Turn up the Volume!  heeehaaa!

Music by Braddigan form their superb album Watchfires (song : Pura Vida)



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