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Stellenbosch Wedding Nooitgedacht

They started off in Paris, yet it all began at Nooitgedacht ...

For 7 years, Chris Joubert and Yuan Yuan have been chasing one another across continents. After officially tying the knot in Zurich, Switzerland a few months ago, they chose the beautiful town of Stellenbosch to celebrate their marriage together with family and friends from all over.

I have done quite a few weddings at Nooitgedacht over the years, yet every time it feels like a highlight. Yoko, Chris and I had the same ideas and they were so excited and keen to spend time together for our couple shoot. I loved how Yoko got excited about Egyptian Geese flying by, the rough African grass, the rugged mountains and the soft pink sunset. Their pictures speak to me of a quiet peacefulness, a feeling of content, finally reaching the day they have been dreaming about. It is all about them, their hearts and the rest in togetherness that they now enter.

May your journey ahead continue to be adventurous and homey; may you continue to travel and be grounded; may you love for the next 100 years and beyond. Blessings to you. And thank you.



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