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Tulbagh Montpellier Wedding

It finally happened! Micha and Marina got married in South Africa ... and it was beautiful!

Covid restrictions and epidemic uncertainties caused this lovely Dutch-Swiss couple to postpone their Montpellier wedding by yet another year. They did so so that all their friends and family could plan ahead and travel to South Africa.

Cape Town is very dear to them. This is where they met and where they love to spend as much time as possible. The Tulbagh valley was chosen for her beauty and March for the (hopefully) good weather.

The whole weekend wedding celebrations had a distinctive African feeling to it. At the Friday night get-together, everyone was dressed in bright traditional African attire. The kids danced into the night to the beat of the all-female marimba band. Add great food and award-winning South African wine to the mix and one had an excellent start to the weekend.

The Saturday morning was wet and the plans had to be adjusted without a problem. Luckily the couple is laid back and the venue has so many options. The last drops of water were during the ceremony with the couple's emotional vows. After that, the weather cleared and the party started. What a night!

The wonderful weekend came to an end with a late brunch the Sunday morning. We all greeted one another with smiles. This one was good - real good!

Thank you Micha and Marina for trusting me with this. I am looking forward to seeing more of you guys here in South Africa soon. Blessings till we meet again. Enjoy!


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