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Tulbagh Wedding Montpellier

It is weddings like this one, that makes me appreciate what an immense privilege and honour it is to play such an integral part on a couple's wedding day.

Claude and Ané are awesome. We get to share a lot of mutual friends and acquaintances that helped shaped us over a lifetime. These two have been friends for years, enjoying adventures in groups, getting to know one another from a distance. Needless to say, they eventually found one another, to the relieve of the ones who have seen the potential over the years. Finally, all could celebrate their union together with an abundance of joy at the beautiful Montpellier Estate outside Tulbagh on Saturday.

These guys love the outdoors, to travel and to seek out the best life can throw at them. My aim was to try and do them justice. The couple shoot was pure joy mixed with open fields, some Landyness and the sun peeking over the mountains. It all worked out perfectly.

Thank you Mr & Mrs Bosman for a day we will not easily forget. We are watching as your journey unfolds and I'm excited to see you blossom together. Enjoy every moment - go make it count! I'm sure you will.



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