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Vergelegen Wedding Camphor Forest

As I scouted the Vergelegen Estate on the morning of the wedding, the beauty of this well-preserved piece of land touched me deep within. As the majestic trees' heads towered into the clear autumn sky, it kept its warm coloured hands to the ground. The heritage stood proud in nature's rich humbleness.

It was the perfect setting for Ollie and Amy's wedding. Here they once wandered alone, trusted, held hands, got engaged, dreamed together and finally became one on the first Saturday in May.

Thank you, Ollie and Amy, for making my job so easy. (Also to Lauren from Kelz & Co who did a great job coordinating this wedding). Amy - thank you also for your kind and encouraging words - it really meant a lot. The two of you are a heap of fun together. It was a joy to photograph you surrounded by your lovely family and friends. There is something very special in the bonding of these two families. You guys really inspired me!

May you continue to experience God's richest blessings in your lives for many years to come. Thank you that I could capture and witness this memorable day. May we meet again very soon. I really hope we do. Enjoy!


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