Wedding Die Woud Caledon – Matt & Madelein

Wedding Die Woud Caledon

A big part of me pursued photography so that I would have the opportunity to work outside.  I love the outdoors and need a regular supply of fresh air and mountains to keep me going.  I must admit though, that when it comes to nature, I am not the expert.  Yes, I know a few animals, flowers and plants, but when it comes to their behaviours, scientific names and the like, I am not your man.  I know who to ask though …

Meet Matt Perry.  He is a conservationist.  In the Serengeti!  Yip, that one in Tanzania, Africa!  He is the real deal people; this guy knows his stuff.  As I scouted for locations, I came across this pofadder.  When I told him about it, his response was; “Did you take a picture?  I would love to see it.  I love snakes!”.   Not my reaction for sure!

Another pofadder made its appearance at Madelein’s cottage as she got ready (yes, I know.  We do live in Africa after all!).  I knew Matt & his groomsmen were close by.  So I felt safe and walked & shot freely.

Madelein looked amazing (thank you Yolande & Michelle) and made our kilted bush hero sweat by the eyes as she entered.  Gareth and his bagpipes filled Die Woud (and this wee page boy’s ears- ouch!).  What followed, won’t be forgotten by anyone who attended.

The place looked absolutely breathtaking!  There was a sea of proteas, lights, wood and style.  My words are definitely not enough, but I must congratulate the [ kraak ] and Anli Wahl & teams on doing something spectacular in conjunction with Die Woud.  It looked mesmerizingly awesome!

Matt & Madelein – it was a real privilege to be your photographer on Saturday.  Thank you again and again for the opportunity.  I am looking forward to visiting you there in the heart of Africa!  Let’s dream big!

A big thank you to service providers DJ Chopper & FJS videography for making the day so enjoyable.  Always a pleasure working with you guys.  Lighting by Nel Schrecker, Furniture and other Lighting by In-and-Out Events, Hiring by Goeters and the Wedding Cake by Die Woud’s own talented Janine.

Enough words for now.  Enjoy!

Wedding Die Woud Caledon

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