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Zorgvliet Wedding

Sometimes you meet people and click immediately. It is as if you have been friends for years and meet up again over a cup of coffee. When I met Russ & Carla in person a few days before their wedding in Stellenbosch, I knew it would be amazing to capture their celebrations. And it truly was.

What a great couple with their lovely families! Everyone had a blast including myself. Zorgvliet never disappoints and it gave the guest a true Cape Winelands experience on a beautiful, summers day.

Thank you, Russ & Carla, that you chose Peartree to capture your wedding. I think if you guys were around, we surely would have ended up being good friends. I can't wait for our next coffee (with almond milk!) together hopefully soon again. You guys are great together.

MMMBop will never be the same. For that and all it entails, I salute and thank you dearly! Go be a blessing to all. Enjoy!



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