Ben & Mia

I will probably never forget weddings that happen so close to my kid’s birth dates.  With my middle son Joah, I remember how I kept my phone in my pocket during that whole wedding – just in case something would happen.

Saturday wasn’t any different.  With my phone on close stand by, I focused on a lovely couple having the time of their life!  I’ve known Mia and her lovely family for years (her mom & dad were the first non family baby sitters my eldest Elih has ever had + her sister & brother-in-law some of our best friends).  It was a lot of fun and a great privilege to capture this wedding with all of these awesome people around.

Apart from being a very smart & friendly guy, Ben is a ground breaking wine maker at Overhex.  I enjoyed meeting the Visser and Snyman fams who I believe enjoyed the evening as much as everyone.

I just love these shots!  And like I mentioned earlier – I will probably remember this wedding forever.  My super lovely girl Niah was born early this Monday and I am as proud and excited as can be!

Enjoy these lasting memories for so many of us.  I believe we will all treasure these.

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