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Cape Town Family Photographer

My working life as a photographer has made me rich. (How's that for an intro?!)

I was sipping a cup of coffee the other morning and started contemplating the wonderful people I have met and photographed over the years. There is something about the connection one has with clients for a limited time in a session that seems to overpower the small talk one would expect from such a shoot. Perhaps it has to do with the vulnerability to feel comfortable enough to show your soul to someone for a moment and walk away less bound by the world. Perhaps it is just about showing and sharing moments with those who are the most precious to you. It is an intense time that carries the hope to capture a story of this life of yours that is worth living; the reality of beauty to be found in the ashes of a broken world around us. That new growth after the fire; the first light as day breaks in the wilderness. This is the kind of stuff money can't buy; the kind of stuff that makes one rich beyond words.

The Janse van Rensburg Family is definitely one of these rich experiences. They are beautiful together and always a pleasure to photograph.

Thank you for your deposits of laughter, energy and honesty in me again. You are a blessing. Enjoy one another.


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